Workplace safety is no joke – let’s talk about the laws!

It is the employer’s highest (honor)duty to support and protect his or hers highest value – the health and well-being of the employee – to ensure safe and healthy working conditions through preventive work. We all want to get home healthy! In daily work momentum, workplace hazards often tend to go unnoticed, and the necessary […]

Why is VITS better than Excel?

VITS is not perfect (nothing in this world is!), but it has a number of CONVINCING FUNCTIONAL FEATURES. But let’s start right from the beginning. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, employers bear a great responsibility – to keep safe and protect their greatest asset, that is, the health and well-being of their […]

Who needs virtual health and safety specialist?

Every company with employees has health and safety requirements to follow. I know…it is time consuming and so bureaucratic. But they are important to protect companies against fines and law sues. Also it affects the safety of their employees. Paper itself doesn’t avoid work accidents and work related diseases, but it protects the company, if […]

Paper free with virtual health and safety specialist

Papers use to get lost or destroyed, i.e because of fire or water accidents. Also they are hard to find, when you have lots of them and you are in a hurry, because Labor inspection is waiting. In health and safety, do we like it or not, but documents are very important. Of course, the […]